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Our Philosophy

At Empower Physio, we are aware that life can get in the way and health doesn’t always come first. We want to foster an atmosphere that encourages people to priorities their health. Our services are made to maximize results and remove uncertainty from the recovery process.

Meet The Team

Mohammed Hamdon

Mohammed graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2017 with a Doctor of Physiotherapy. He completed his Bachelors of Physical Education and Recreation with a focus in sports performance in 2014 at the University of Alberta.

When he started living an active lifestyle in his teens, participating in sports with friends and working out at the gym, he had numerous injuries. This sparked his interest for physiotherapy. Mohammed entered the field of rehabilitation because he was personally aware of the profound effects that these wounds may have on a person’s life.

His passion is to help people with all conditions, but he has a specialty in managing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), whiplash, concussion and vertigo. As a practitioner also enjoys working with athletic related injuries like tendinopathy (tendonitis), anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, and femoral acetabular impingement to name a few.

Mohammed takes an evidence-based and active approach to rehab focusing on developing a therapeutic alliance with his patients. Together Mohammed and his patients create goals to focus on engaging in their rehab journey and empowering them to achieve their goals through education, exercise programming and manual therapy.

In his free time, Mohammed enjoys exercising, running, hiking and travelling whenever he can. When he’s not active he’s busy cheering on the Oilers!